“Love Isn’t Linear” is the title poem from my most recent poetry collection. Enjoy ✨

Laughter lit up by almond champagne,

Stealing kisses by moonlight on the Champs-Elysees. 

Cherub cheeks flushed with pinkness after Baby first wakes,

Tear-stained eyes marred by heartbreak when Daddy climbed Heaven’s staircase.

Up and down, over and above,

My heart rises and falls with the seasons of love.

Sometimes smiling, sometimes full, sometimes heavy and hard –

I breathe in the moments that bring light to my dark.

Though love salutes strength and courage to feel,

It can surrender to pain when it doesn’t know what is real.

Hearts filled with hope outlive minds filled with fear,

Please remember, my darling, love isn’t linear.

“Love Isn’t Linear” is the title poem from the collection written by Sara Salam. Consisting of 29 original poems, this book is a tribute not to the fairytales, but to the raw, sometimes angsty, sometimes consuming love that defines the human condition. It is about romance, compassion, rejection, friendship, grief, and other dimensions of love that we encounter in our lives.

Love Isn’t Linear: A Poetry Collection About Modern Love can be purchased on Amazon here.

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