On a recent episode of Alex Rodriguez’s podcast The Corp, A-Rod and Big Cat Dan Katz interview Howard Schultz, the legend behind Starbucks.

This post is not about Howard Schultz’s wisdom, but that of Tom Izzo, Michigan State’s long-time head basketball coach. (Schultz and Izzo attended Northern Michigan together.)

Schultz shares a tidbit from his son, Jordan’s, interview of Izzo. When asked about what kinds of kids he recruits for his basketball teams, Izzo imparts:

There are 3 kinds of kids:

  1. Kids who like it.
  2. Kids who love it.
  3. Kids who live it.

I recruit kids who live it.

Schultz describes Izzo’s philosophy as “apropos for life,” applicable not only to sports but also business and entrepreneurship. It encapsulates discipline, sacrifice, loving something so much you are willing to do anything.

It’s also a message of promise, of the spirit behind the American Dream. The odds, Schultz says, of Starbucks being successful in 1987 at 11 stores and 100 employees, were virtually impossible. It can only happen in America.

As a product of the American Dream, the message resonates: live your dream and make it happen.

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