What is truth?

Socrates defines truth as “a wandering that is divine.”

Wandering implies a journey, a search, a pursuit that is aimless, or lacking intention. Socrates describes truth as a journey with intention, guided by God or godlike intervention. While we cannot speak for Socrates, we can infer we he would probably view truth as what we today term soul searching. The questions become…What are you looking for? What is your truth?

Sometimes, especially in today’s world, we wear masks to protect ourselves from external forces that may harm us. These forces may manifest in forms of danger, or fear – real or perceived. Things like money, or lack thereof, people who you view as dangerous. Call it self-preservation.

Sometimes, our masks become our behavior so much so that they become our identity. This self-deception inevitably disconnects us from our truth we concurrently seek. So how do we get past this manifestation of fear?

Speaking your truth is an act of self-inquiry, of introspection. While we may shy away from asking ourselves the tough questions, the outcome is worth the discomfort. From this self-inquiry, we find peace in our truth. On this journey of truth that is your life, what are you looking for? How do you know when you find it?

You know, when you are willing to embrace your own being entirely and unashamedly. Ultimately, that means recognizing what is in fact your deepest truth—the raw awareness of the unspoken “I am.” Sometimes we call these affirmations.

I am strong. I am determined. I am unafraid.

Whatever you call it – your truth, your purpose, your vision– don’t be afraid of it. For fear stokes shame. No one should feel ashamed of who they are and what they believe.

Because all human beings should feel safe and empowered in pursuit of their dreams.

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