Every film production consists of what we’ll call a “required workflow:” necessary elements and/or steps for planning and executing productions.

For those unfamiliar, this workflow, somewhat intuitively, can be broken down into 4 phases: development, pre-production, production, and post-production.

Some of the details include:

  • Development
    • Budget
    • Casting
    • Storyboard
    • Treatment
    • Script
  • Pre-production
    • Scheduling
    • Gear
    • Location
    • Permit & Insurance
    • Props & Set
    • Camera
    • Costume & Make-up
    • Shotlisting
    • Floorplan
    • Craft Services
    • Crew selection
  • Production
    • Call Sheets
  • Post-production
    • Editing
    • Color
    • Exports

Why do we care?

For one thing, streamlining each and all of these elements takes a lot of planning and coordination. Throughout the history of filmmaking, producers have owned this responsibility and delegated accordingly.

But now, the demands for new and original content (for and by studios, streaming services, mobile apps, social media – you name it) is challenging the producers’ capacity to execute in a timely manner on all of the different projects she’s involved in.

What infrastructure helps streamline and ease the planning and execution of productions today?

In truth, Hollywood is a ways away from having a consolidated, one-stop-shop for all things related to executing a film production – or productions at scale.

But the beginning of a new business of entertainment has dawned.

At SHOgigs, we’ve begun this journey by addressing the producers’ pain point of crewing up. Finding crew can be a time-consuming and therefore costly aspect of production. Thus we make it easier for producers and crew find each other so that everyone can get to work.

A revolution in the way entertainment manages their business is well underway. (Cue Netflix.) For the industry to sustain its growth and scalability, a fresh approach to the business of entertainment will evolve. The intersection of technology and production will define the entertainment industry’s trajectory.

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