In January 2000, contemporary artist Eduardo Kac created Alba, effectively a glowing rabbit, in collaboration with French geneticist Louis-Marie Houdebine.


Lac is a Brazilian bio-artist who essentially decided to create a new work of art. After Kac contacted a French laboratory and offered a fee to engineer such radiant bunny, Houdebine accepted the task by using the GFP gene found in the jellyfishAequorea victoria, that fluoresces green when exposed to blue light.

What can we learn from this endeavor?

  1. Engineering living beings is no longer an impossibility, but a current and inevitable reality.
  2. Alba is an example of intelligent design. Going forward, natural selection will not be the only determinant of creation as it once was.
  3. The potential, as indicated by Alba’s existence, signifies a revolution of not only scientific but specifically biological proportions.

How will the future be affected?

Intelligent design is replacing natural selection. How we choose to use science and biology – if we don’t annihilate the human race first – will dictate our future.

In sum, we as a society possess great power in paving the course of how we live, now more than ever. Our intelligence, and how we use it, depends on it.

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