Content consumes us, each day and everyday. Our eyes lock focus on screens, whether they be our mobile devices, laptop computers or high-def TVs. We live in this inevitable reality that drives our engagement with others, virtually and otherwise.

While we are consumers of such content, we are also producers.

Taking it one step further, we are not only content creators, but content curators as well. While we share our own content in the form of photos, videos, Boomerangs, blog entries, comments, likes etc., we also have the means to curate how we share this information.

Let’s consider Netflix, for example. Not only has Netflix invested billions of dollars in producing original content, it’s algorithm is inherently based on behavioral preferences so that users only see what they will (theoretically) enjoy.

Therefore, my Netflix homepage looks different than your Netflix homepage. Even if it’s determined we would both like the same movie, I may see a different still than you because of our behavioral profiles. Thus, Netflix is not only a content creator, but a content curator as well.

As are you and I – at least we have the power to be. It boils down to a matter of what, how, and why. What, being the content itself. How, being the means through which the content is communicated (i.e. photo, video, article, in-person). And why, being the purpose driving the content in the first place. (I see you, Simon Sinek.)

If we took concerted efforts to think through what content we share and how we share it, we’d see some interesting patterns. Many companies with strong brands do this. Think of the Nike’s, Gillette’s, and Red Sox of the world. Looping back to the Netflix example, this company has made a business out of content creation AND curation. This is their greatness.

How will you use contention creation and curation to show your greatness?

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