According to the United Nations, there are currently 7.7 billion people inhabiting the earth. That means there are 7.7 billion journeys to be embarked on and 7.7 billion realizations to be experienced.

How are we defining realization?

This realization singularly means: “I am embarking on my personal journey towards inner peace. I may never get there, and I accept this.”

This realization relates to personal awareness, the first of the 3 A’s: awareness, acceptance, and application.

We define awareness as the ability to look inside yourself and identify the things that make you who you are, objectively and without judgement or bias. The journey of inner peace is the act of seeking this awareness.  

The purpose is in the pursuit, not the destination. Pursuing inner peace allows you to manage the external chaos that is the world we live in.

Sometimes we get caught up in the “need to achieve” – a product of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation that is distinctly human. The key to understanding inner peace is this: the commitment to the journey of inner peace surmounts the achievement of it.

This commitment allows your focus to shift from finite details, to freedom of the mind and spirit. And allows you to start living, rather than simply existing –  the difference between conscious and unconscious being.

What do you choose?

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