We live in a world where the implications of Brexit, the erosion of American democracy, and the resurgence of Europe’s far right dominate world politics.

Given the current landscape, the mantra “new year, new me” seems a bit inappropriate, and quite frankly, unrealistic. As Oliver Burkeman of The Guardian offers, “the creeping fear that you might be living in the end times is a poor basis for making a new beginning.”

Today, there’s a spirit of anti-utopianism catching wind. This philosophy flips the personal narrative from self-reinvention to self-awareness and self-acceptance – the idea that perfection should not be the goal, but that accepting ourselves for who we are and appreciating what that means with utmost graciousness, is, in fact, enough.

Awareness and acceptance should be anchored in this appreciation for life, for self, for truth. It’s through this awareness that we can accept ourselves and move forward through life, appreciating the gift of existence, and not losing ourselves in that which we cannot control. Cue world politics.

The most difficult part of acceptance is awareness – the admission of our shortcomings, weaknesses, blind spots, whatever you want to call them. Once aware, how do we accept? Do we hope for the best, or do we fear the worst? Your perspective will dictate how you pursue your truth, how you show appreciation for life, for breath, for self.

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