Every person has their own way of interacting with and consuming information. Given the overload of information available to us in today’s world, our workplaces now grapple with how to efficiently and effectively communicate information so that their people can do their jobs and do them well.

To drive business results, companies need to take an evolved approach to teaching and sharing relevant information in a way that is productive and meaningful for their people.

In a recent HBR.org article, John Barrows, CEO of his own firm, explains how he has renewed his approach to training, given how the pace of business has changed, as well as learners’ expectations.

“Each individual has different strengths and weaknesses. People aren’t looking to waste their time sitting through long explanations that don’t necessarily apply to them.”

One size does not fit all, especially when it comes to how individuals process information. Each of our brains are wired differently, which affects how we interpret and experience the world. Therefore, each employee needs different things in order to be successful.

It’s up to our leaders to figure out what their people need and get it to them.  

Barrows has begun to adjust his style accordingly:

“I’ve been evolving my approach and trying to answer each of their questions in a targeted way without alienating others in the room. I’m also starting to tailor the content itself. For one trainee, that might mean providing a structured process to follow. For someone else, it might mean sharing a technique that addresses a specific challenge they face.”

As leaders, we need to build our awareness around what our people need to be successful, and set them up for success from the outset. 

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