Happiness yields productive employees (H.Y.P.E.) is not a fluke.

To be happy, I’ve discovered, you’ve got to run toward something: meaningful work; a hopeful, inspiring vision of your future; and good relationships with the people you work with every day. – Annie McKee

Author Annie McKee shares her POV about aspiring for happiness at work, how happiness transcends all aspects of our lives and doesn’t end when we log into our work e-mails or commute to the office.

In a recent HuffPost article, she talks about three keys to happiness at work:

  1. Sense of Purpose
  2. Hopeful Vision
  3. Coworker Friendships

McKee sheds light on these quintessentially human elements – purpose, hope, friendship – and how they contribute to productivity in the workplace. Fast Company published a piece supporting this thought, showing that happy employees are 12% more productive than unhappy employees.

Employee engagement is a hot topic these days amongst company leaders and HR professionals alike, showing workplace satisfaction and happiness are thought to be important by those in charge, but statistics indicate perhaps the efforts’ intentions are off target.

According to a 2017 Gallup poll, 51% of the US workforce is not engaged. In fact, Korn Ferry finds 24% of CHROs say engaging and retaining employees is their biggest struggle. Perhaps the discussion should shift from the typical emphasis on recognition programs, benefits, perks, and other “engagement strategies,” towards addressing fundamental human needs, like helping employees find purpose, hope, and sense of community in their jobs.

So I challenge you, what human-driven strategies do you have in your workplace that can improve happiness while also improve company performance and productivity?

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